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Unexpected Poetry

I’ve finally done it – I’ve published a book of my poetry! It’s called Unexpected Poetry and it’s available at many of your favorite ebook stores, so please read and review and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for all of your support on this journey.



on our side we have the same interest
employ thy youth as i employ my age
i met the eye of the psychologist
and this the last brave battle he shall wage

such paltry information as we get
and she was not afraid of being ill
it was not in the water that they met
till i came to the outside of the hill

for which i was unable to account
and they would never let her marry him
i have not once been in to see the count
that sacred memory was growing dim

the little bundle lying on the step


all of us have to do our part
the hope that you hold in your heart
you and i agreed
in hours of need
they may wish to drive us apart

New Website

Welcome to my website! I figured it was time to get serious about my poetry career, so here we are. I have a big announcement coming in a few weeks, but until then, I’ll post a few of my poems!

And if you’re interested in following me on Instagram, my username is @ottobirchpoetry.